Membership Eligibility

The Bylaws provide for community banks headquartered in the state of Connecticut, as well as for Associate Membership. Any company or organization in the state of Connecticut engaged in a financial business or having an interest in the community banking industry sufficiently compatible with the philosophy and objectives of the Association and its members is eligible.

Membership Benefits

Associate Membership helps to keep your firm abreast of rapidly changing conditions in the financial services industry in Connecticut, provides timely information on legislative, regulatory and legal developments and offers access to a variety of Association functions and programs.

Bylaws Limitations

  • Associate members do not hold voting rights.
  • Associate Members are not allowed to attend special membership meetings of the Association.
  • Associate Members may not use or imply that their membership is an endorsement by the Association.

Annual Dues

  • The annual dues are assessed on July 1 of each year and are $900 for member banks and $995 for associate members.
  • Dues cover from July through June.
  • Any Associate Member not paying annual dues within the 30 day billing period will forfeit all privileges and services.
  • Dues for Associate Members joining during the fiscal year will be prorated on a bi-annual basis.

Application Process

  • Please complete the application with all requested information.
  • Applications must be accompanied by favorable recommendations for membership from two (2) bank members.
  • All applicants are subject to review and approval of the Association’s Executive Committee.
  • Benefits accorded Affiliate Member will begin upon approval for membership by the Executive Committee and receipt of annual dues payment.